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Hello and welcome to the CBA, the Crackberry Annonymous. I am Justyn, and would like ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Hello and welcome to the CBA, the Crackberry Annonymous. I am Justyn, and would like to start this discussion off with a question, at what point in your life did you discover you were addicted to your blackberry?

    I'll start. I've been a Crackberry addict for a little over a year now. Before I tried it a few times but didn't quite understand what the rage was about. Then I started mixing... Data with voice, then I couldn't put my blackberry down. I started downloading. After the downloading I became a member of a forum where I was welcomed and treated by a group of other users. I started off as a user, and now I'm also a seller. With the money I've made selling, I upgraded from the 8100to the 8120 close to a year.

    I don't think I'll ever do rehab. Rehab is for quitters. This thread is just to find out your testimonial of how you came across blackberrys and what about it started the addiction?
    It's not an iPhone addiction, it's insomnia!

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    My dad used to work for RIM in Waterloo. He was a technical write who wrote those little user manuals that come with you BlackBerry. Naturally being an employee of RIM, he got a free BlackBerry and I played with it occasionaly. But then he got to Beta test the pearl, and I was amazed. So I got is old 7290 and fell in love. Then I moved to the 7100, now the Curve. i will own a BlackBerry for the rest of my life. no doubt.

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    I'm Angel, I became an addict two years ago and I blame peer pressure for getting me hooked. My best friend brought her pearl out one day and kept telling me to try it. It's sheer beauty was frightening and at first I was too scared to try it. She pressed it into my hand saying, "try it, just once won't hurt" so I did. I was hooked the moment that thing was in my hand. Since then I got my own and use it constantly. At home, at school, in the car, in the mall, even in the bathroom. I can't put it down. I've shared my addiction with many, getting them hooked also. I've also sold. What has happened to me???

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