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to all computer nerds: my gf's laptop has been acting up. her wallpaper keeps turning ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    computer problems


    to all computer nerds:

    my gf's laptop has been acting up.

    her wallpaper keeps turning back to the background color. so let's say she gets a pic from her camera and sets it as the wallpaper. it shows up for a bit then disappears and turns back to white. i check to see if the pic she got has been deleted from the files, but it is still there.

    also, her screensaver does not work. she sets it up to go on in 10 minutes, but it never turns on. any suggestions? thanks in advance.


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    just ask
    does she have a star icon by the clock that says somethine like " windows genuine advantage " or something? cause this will also reset the wallpapers every 30min or hour i think it is and the wga is something microsoft has done to stop people using blacklisted keys

    also put the pictures in this path


    k cause if she has the picture takin from a camera and plugs the cam in and sets it like that with out putin it on the computer its self and unplugs the cam once u restart the pc or even if the explorer.exe was to crash it will reset its self to nothin


    about the screensaver not workin something may not be letin it load virus/spyware or something..
    search for cureit/malwarebytes and run them they will clean anything that may be bad.. then search for spybot and spyware blaster - they will remove spyware and spyware blaster works with the hosts file and will try and stop u from get spyware via ie and firefox.. after u do them run your virus scanner that u have install on the pc and see if it picks anything up after u do all this reboot the pc and see about the screensaver also try and change it to 5min
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