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    Coca-Cola pulling a fast one?


    So around the date March 30th I went shopping and bought a 24-pack of coke (found a great deal). The pack has been in my fridge unopened since then until about 3 days ago when I finally opened it. To my surprise I grab one out of the package and right smack dab on the opening doo dad is was a fatty dent... wtf?

    I didn't think much of it and after much struggle with a flathead screw driver I got my can open. So then yesterday I go grab another cola out of the fridge, and let it be know this can is also dented in the SAME effing spot... Coincidence right? Ha I only wish, I just grabbed another one about an hour ago and it followed in line with the others. By this time its not even funny anymore, I open the package and start unloading them 1 by 1 into the fridge and all but like 3 of them are dented on the same spot and each one proves difficult as the other to open!

    April fools prank maybe? Possibly done by the store? Or maybe someone is just out to get me cause I wanted some cheap cola?

    Ugh. I had to get that out there, maybe I'm not the only one who got bestowed with this wonderful surprise.

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    More to come.

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    It looks like there was something wrong with the canning process. Maybe a machine out of alignment. I'm guessing the retailer got a deal from the local distributor and passed it on. I bet Coca-Cola wouldn't be too happy. They're very much quality control.

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