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    blackberry and verizon fail storm owners once again!


    I have launched out into the deep and have wa
    ited for the official release of the storms software update. I have waited so long that I'm about to crap in a bag and bury my storm in it and then send it to RIM. Blackberry technology is getting to look archaic and old comparatively to other mobile phones. The applications, software, downloads and other garbage their pushing is looking stale and moldy like 5 year old wonder bread. Every week some moron tries to convince us on the internet that a software update for the storm is about to arrive while new phones with revolutionary look and appeal reach the market in record time. Now...some of you storm owners may hate me for what I'm writing
    But the facts are in...and the storm blows the big one! Its now may 18 and not one GD official software update. June 1st A.T.and ****ing T is getting a new customer! I will miss Verizon and their great service...but who gives a **** about that when your damn phone functions like it has cellular retardation!
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    ATT is rumoured to get a storm this year....
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