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Hands down the best burger I had was at the poolside grill of my hotel ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Re: Best Burger Period!


    Hands down the best burger I had was at the poolside grill of my hotel in cancun. They grill it up with onions and seasonings, but I think the best thing that makes it taste so good is the fact that they never scrape the grill!! Its kinda like a special skillet that a cook has never washed and well seasoned. ~via BB (

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    Re: Best Burger Period!

    Quote Originally Posted by StaceyRVC
    WHite Castles!!!! haha JK!!!! ummm I don't have a favorite
    I was all set to say this.... White Castle Jalepeno Cheese Burgers... Yummm...

    Quote Originally Posted by cclaw125
    Five Guys in Washington, DC, MD and Virginia
    Then I saw this!!! Five Guys!! I used to travel to Virginia for work and went there 2x... I think this may be the winner (With Checkers being a close 2nd and White Castle coming in 3rd)

    Quote Originally Posted by StaceyRVC
    I feel your pain! Kinda like sayin... hey do you remember that place called Roy Rogers with the best Roast beef sandwiches ever... LOL One good thing is there is still an Arby's in queens right off the LIE
    Stacey - theres still a Roy Rogers off the Parkway in NJ, and another one in Livingston Mall (in NJ) - If you ever want to go to either - its on me (Theres an Arby's about 10 minutes from my house too, but its not as good as Roy Rogers is!!)

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