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i thought.. kid.. at 11 years.. its ready to get email.. but..its need big Controlling... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    i thought..
    kid.. at 11 years.. its ready to get email..
    but..its need big Controlling
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    ask me
    my sister got her first email account at 12... it was my idea... she's 16 now, and its still randomly supervised...
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    I had my first email account at 15, back in 1993 as a freshman in high school, and it was strictly on my PC at home but it was still personal for me unless someone wanted to send something to my mom. 5 years later, after high school, I decided I didn't like the account name I had so I set up a secondary email address which has been changed to my primary account which I now use for EVERYTHING but spam.

    I need to set her up with her own email account someday soon. I may do that once I give her this latop after I get my new one sometime this summer. Also, due to my disability and mobility limitations, all of my computers have been in my room.
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    I don't think you should allow her using internet as she is too young of using net.
    But if wanna allow her you must use parental control service to protect her from spam mails and pron sites.
    I have recently heard about one of such service. provide you best parental control it has facility of filtering mails you can check the incoming mails of your daughter and filter them using this service..
    So try this

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    I think it all comes down to the parents and if said parents are monitoring what thier children are doing. My older kids don't count, but my youngest had an email account at 8 so that she could talk to me in Iraq. Any other time it's or

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