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Newest version of Windows Media Player 11? I haven't yet!... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Question Anyone try the...?


    Newest version of Windows Media Player 11?
    I haven't yet!

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    Re: Anyone try the...?

    Yeah, I dowloaded it on the work computer, however need to reboot to have it go into effect, and it takes my computer like 10 minutes to reboot and go thru all of the backups and everything...So probably will try it tomorrow..

    On a note to you with Hacked Versions of Windows, don't download it because it will go through an authentication routine to make sure it's not a hacked version...If it comes back that it is, it will bog your system down, always annoy you, etc...Kind of like it does if you have a hacked version of Windows and now try to download updates or anything from Microsoft...

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    Re: Anyone try the...?

    I cant get windows media player to work at all on my computer.... It really messes me up.
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