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Hello all, a friend and I are just getting started brewing our own beer and ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Any Beer Brewers out there?


    Hello all, a friend and I are just getting started brewing our own beer and I wanted to see if anyone here participates in this very fun, easy, and relaxing hobby.

    I just figured this would be a good place to meet helpful and knowledgeable brewers.

    So, if anyone is into this cool hobby:
    1. Do you use a secondary fermenter?
    2. extract or grain?
    3. what size bottles do you use?
    4. screw top or capped?
    5. do you know of any reliable web vendors out there? the supply shop that is local (yes there is only one I looked into it) is a great place that has ALMOST everything I need.
    6. what's your fav brew?
    7. if your just doing this for yourself would you recommend a hydrometer?
    8. does any one know of a sanitizer that can be re-used?

    If you don't brew your self, check it out, it's REALLY fun and you get to reap the fruits of your labor in 3-4 weeks!!
    very cool.

    anyway enjoy and *clink clink*
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    I used to brew. I got all my supplies from Northern Brewer here in Minnesota. Do a search. I'd highly recommend them.

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    Just Ax
    Emmc and I used to have convos about this all the time, many days ago...

    NB is an excellent resource, but there may be others closer to you depending on your geographic location.

    Given the importance of santitation, I'm not sure I'd suggest "recycling" sanitzer very much. About the most I'll do it is I'll save the sanitzer from my fermenter to sanitize my bottles for a batch I am bottling at the same time I am starting another batch in the fermenter.

    Extract majority of the time, with specialty grains for mouthfeel, color, or other purposes. Life's too short to sit there for an extra 2-3 hours doing decoctions.

    'Scuse me, I am off to brew a Pale now...(seriously, just came on to DL a 4.5 OS to upgrade my BB while I am brewing...)
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