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    Another Tropical System


    Today is day one of the hurricane season, offically, and we are already on Storm #2, Tropical Storm Barry. As has been flashing on my local new station tonight, normally it is August before we see storm #2, and July for storm #1. It is looking to be a busy season.

    Its kind of funny, went to bed hearing it would rain. Woke up, still had rain in the forcast, and then poof - Tropcial Storm Barry off the coast of Florida in the gulf.

    Maybe I should be taking advantage of the tax break on hurricane supplies that just started.

    More on the storm -
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    Re: Another Tropical System

    ~via BB (

    Ahhh yes mother nature made sure to bless our first day of the hurricane season with TS kind of her. Lol

    We desperately need the rain though and as long as the tornados stay away I'll enjoy the rain while it lasts. Just as long as the cat 2 and above stay away I'm all good lol.

    And I guess its time to get my hurricane kit ready lol.

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    Re: Another Tropical System

    Yeah, Im in South Florida, so I know all about it. Max Mayfield, who just retired from the Hurricane station, now works for our local News station, so he should lead us through what seems to be a vigorous hurricane season.

    Atleast it will help with our water supply issue. Lake Okeechobee needs it desperately, and so do our farmers.
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