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I saved a stray dog today... yay!! We were out for gym class and came ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Animal Rescue Day!


    I saved a stray dog today... yay!!

    We were out for gym class and came across a lost pup... collar but no tags. He followed us all the way back to school. We kept him in the school yard until the city could send someone to pick him up.

    If no one calls for him... I might just adopt the poor little guy. Hmph... I think I'm in the wrong line of work.

    I think my Monday has officially been changed to animal rescue day... lol.

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    Re: Animal Rescue Day!

    Good Job, I hope you bring the little pup home!!
    I wouldnt know what to do whith out my dogs!!

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    Re: Animal Rescue Day!

    What kind of dog? I rescued my lil guy and am forever thankful I did
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    Re: Animal Rescue Day!

    You just cannt stop saving animals.
    And that is a good thing.
    Mmmm Canadians aren't all bad!!!!

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    Re: Animal Rescue Day!

    what is with you tash and saving animals.. GOOD WORK!!!
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    Re: Animal Rescue Day!

    Nice, Tash! I dont know what I would do without my baby!

    Check her out!
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    ask me!

    Re: Animal Rescue Day!

    As a friend said it Its the canadian Steve Irwin...................yay Tash to the rescue!

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    Re: Animal Rescue Day!

    LOL tasha's on a roll

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    Re: Animal Rescue Day!

    maybe this will count, it was on a monday a few weeks ago

    i was at hebron which is a bunch of rocks in the mountains of boone, and has a river or something flowing thru it, the rock are high enough to walk on them without touching water, but the water is deep below the rocks.

    so we're walking along and this dog comes up to us, and we're like wtf, until some people came behind him, but they were just as confused as we were. urns out someone had left him there or forgot him or something

    anyways so we continued thinkin he would follow the other people to safety until i heard a dog bark but sounded distressed. i looked around and couldnt see anything but then i remembered a slippery rock i had passed on the way

    i ran (jumped really, all the boulders were spaced) back to where it was and the poor dog was hanging on for dear life with his front paws and yelping trying to get back up. i grabbed him by the collar and pulled him out and i was like. hey i feel pretty good. i saved a doggy

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    Re: Animal Rescue Day!

    ~via BB ( I love the puppies. I love owls as much or more. Many, many animals are wonderful friends and valued companions and marvels to observe. Others are darn tasty. I MUST get some foie gras now.

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