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Wooohoooo... <-----2000 posts baby!!! I don't need a cookie, a cake or a donut... just ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    2000 rocks!!



    <-----2000 posts baby!!!

    I don't need a cookie, a cake or a donut... just give me more beer

    I would like to begin by thanking my mom and dad... without them, I would not be here today... way to go... good stuff...

    Also, thank you Jeff, my ex husband... for convincing me to get a BB to rescue me from lonely nights... and then later blaming my BB for ruining our marriage... lol it was you Jeff... don't blame my baby... she's innocent.

    Thank you Amber for being you... you're just too cute.

    Thank you Josh for keeping me up late... making me lol a whole lot... and well you know what else...

    Thank you pinstack peeps... you all rock!!

    Thank you Hayden for this awesome site... it's fun here... and I actually feel smarter than my BB only because of this site. Bonus.

    Thank you.. thank you... to all of the tasha fan club members... your ongoing support and love is much appreciated... *please read the fine print for membership terms and conditions.

    *A 20 canadian dollar membership fee applies... please make cheques payable to Natasha... or you can always just buy me flowers or matching undies... that works too

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    Re: 2000 rocks!!

    I started to say something nice but then changed my mind.
    If I knew where I was going, I might already be there. -- Cross Canadian Ragweed.

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    Re: 2000 rocks!!

    yay! good for you sista!

    oh look at me 7004 now
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    Re: 2000 rocks!!

    ~via BB (

    PM me your address flowers and undies will be on their way!

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    ask me!

    Re: 2000 rocks!!

    Here ya go tash............Enjoy!
    Disregard the first!

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    Re: 2000 rocks!!

    Flowers are on the way, didn't send any never wear any anyway....
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