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Hi Everyone We are running BES 4.1.5, no changes have been made recently. For some ... Server Admins forum

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    Wireless Message reconciliation disabled for new users


    Hi Everyone

    We are running BES 4.1.5, no changes have been made recently.

    For some reason, we tried to add two users today (wirelessly activated using a password) and it didn't work. The device says 'waiting for services' and eventually fails with 'server failed to respond'.

    I deleted the user myself and then re-added and noticed that 'Wireless Message reconciliation' was set to disabled. We have never had that problem before. Same with another user I tried to add.

    What exactly does this setting do? I assume it is absolutely necessary since it enables messages to be sent to/from the handheld, but what is the point of having an option to disable this out of interest?

    Also, any ideas on how to fix this?


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    Wireless Message Reconciliation allows the end-user to sync the phone between the mail server and the phone. When deleting messages on the phone, the phone doesn't immediately delete the messages from the email client. Reconciling forces it to do those things immediately.

    RIM allows you to control every single function from the BES that the user can enable or disable on their phone.

    I am not sure why this issue started all of the sudden but have you tried allowing the user to activate their phone via the Desktop Manager? If that doesn't work, you'll probably need to wipe the phone and then add it to the BES.
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