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I have installed Blackberry Enterprise Express 4.1 on my Exchange 2003 box. I added a ... Server Admins forum

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    Wireless activation amost working


    I have installed Blackberry Enterprise Express 4.1 on my Exchange 2003 box. I added a User to the server using the BlackBerry management tool, and then sent the user an activation password. The user received the email, and attempted to activate using the Enterprise setup wizard. I've double-checked the email address and p/w, and everything is correct, but it hangs on "Activating...". The user account receives the activate email sent from the device, and it is my understanding that BES should read the attachment and then delete the email, but that isn't happening. The email (with attachment) just stays in the inbox. I don't have any rules setup on the client, nor any filtering. The client was using Cached mode, but I disabled that then restarted all the services. I've confirmed that I have TCP/IP and Named Pipes enabled in the SQL Server Network Utility.

    It feels like I'm sooo close, but missing something small.

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    Re: Wireless activation amost working

    Hi ECEC,

    The fact the mail appears in the users inbox would suggest the BESadmin accounts has not been given sufficient permissions to the information store (BES cannot grab the message which contains the device routing and encryption information to start the activation process). Its worth checking blackberry dot com/support and searching for enterprise activation, you should find a step by step troubleshooting guide. The key points to check are 1. Exchange view only admin is set in Exchange system manager 2. send as, receive as and administer information store set in exchange system manager 3. send as permission applied at the user object level within AD. 4. Make sure the users account and the BESadmin account are not members of any protected groups such as domain admin.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Wireless activation amost working

    I agree with GRAVERGR's solution. If you don't manage the MS Exchange Server, please work with your Exchange Administrator on this issue. My Exchange Administrator sits a couple of cubicles next to me. So it helps alot when I have questions regarding Exchange and how it works with the BES.

    I would also suggest that you try a couple of things:
    1) Check to see if your ETP.DAT message is showing in the INBOX of your desktop or laptop. Usually the end user wouldn't see this message show up in their INBOX but it has been my experience that it sometimes stays in the INBOX. If so, please delete this e-mail message from the end user's INBOX. Then try the Enterprise Activation process again.
    2) This is kind of a stretch but check with your cell phone provider to make sure you have the Blackberry Unlimited Data Plan associated with the end user's cell phone number. Sometimes the cell phone provider will tell you the data plan was activated on the account when in reality it wasn't activated. Ask the cell phone provider to give you the date the BB UNLIMITED DATA PLAN was activated on the end user's account.

    I hope this helps. If not, please reply and I will help you.


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