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Hey all, I have used this forum for quite a while as a resource now ... Server Admins forum

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    Who Supports you (BB admins)?


    Hey all,

    I have used this forum for quite a while as a resource now I am posting on a more personal level.

    Question: I am a Tier 3 Data Coordinator for Verizon Wireless and I have training in many aspects of the BB's including BIS/BES. The problem is that apart from equipment and connectivity issues it is nearly impossible for us to troubleshoot a BES issue. This is of course because it is on the company's side of the firewall and we can't see it (I can login to the BB admin site for BIS and fix anything). So when I receive a call about emails not going through and its obvious a BES issue I have a lot of "IT/office nerd/my brother had one for a while" customers who get upset and confused. The real and true BB admins are awesome, but I was wondering how your troubleshooting process works in reality. Does RIM provide good support for something even as simple as the desktop software? I have directed people to them, but I don't know the level of support that they actually provide for their products. Again I am talking realistically, I know what SHOULD happen. I happen to own an 8703e so I know more than the average tech due to my own selfish interests, but many techs won't even touch a BES question. I actually argued with someone (who said they were in IT) about our level of support for their BES and I started to get the feeling that RIM was charging him like $50 a call because he vehemently opposed me getting them on the line for him and kept asking to speak to someone above me that would help him. Well I am the top and thats it. So can I have some input from some real world admins about how we can work together to fix these problems and where I can direct others (besides the BB knowledgebase of course)?


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    Re: Who Supports you (BB admins)?

    When I need help with anything I come to pinstack. When my customers purchase a BB I give them pinstack's address and tell them its the only site they need.

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    Re: Who Supports you (BB admins)?

    Pinstack is a good site for looking for basic info. RIM is more in depth than any site or forum that you'll find. RIM also explains things more thoroughly and alot of the answers provided on this site come from RIM.

    RIM does have their new incident based support or IBS system which allows callers who do not purchase tsupport to get support. That IBS call can also be used as credit toward a user who decides they do want tsupport.

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