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Hello, I am new to the application push. I have read the whole thread on ... Server Admins forum

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    Question What is the best way to manage applications and members



    I am new to the application push. I have read the whole thread on this forum and it seems that I have understood it because I get my applications installed over the air.

    The following is is not so clear to me.
    - As a systems manager I always want to know who has which application. Where can I found such information on the BES server.
    - I want to creat an application and put it on every blackBerry that is on the BES. Do I have to add every user to thet configuration or is there some way to have a configuration for everybody?
    - When someone has multiple applications and I want to get rid of one, the manual says to go to the user - Device Management - Assign Software Configuration and chose <none>.. If that is the way I would probably lose all the applications I am a member of, of not?

    Another thing:
    - Can you make an application object and check the checkbox in front of the 8700 device software and for that application to only have it installed om 8700 devices, or is that not the purpose of that list of device software?

    I want to get rid of the yahoo and google talk application. (They somehow appear on my Blackberry, don't know why). Should I download that software and create an application of it and than disallow it in the policy to get rid of thsi application on all devices

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