Hello All,

I am trying to streamline a complicated Help Desk Workflow that touches many different Groups. We are currently on BES 3.6, and in the process of planning a migration to 4.1x. I would like to eliminate the need for the provisioning folks to access the BES console. Instead, we would like to code an app, that the provisioning folks and front line help desk support personnel could use to process simple password reset requests and BES provisioning. I know that this is not possible on 3.6. We have the resources in house to program the code, so we don't want to purchase a 3rd party solution. I have seen this work in an outsourced exchange environment where they had a web portal that allowed you to provision new BES users and set password information in one simplified interface they custom coded. The portal also had the ability to manage exchange users as well.

If anyone could point me toward the right direction, whitepapers, code snippets, etc. I would be most grateful.

BES environment has 5 BES servers and 1600 users currently in the 3.6 environment (most current service packs, etc), pointing to a single SQL database. Any pitfalls I should watch out for planning the upgrade? I did a 3.6 to 4.0 upgrade many moons ago, but it was running MSDE.