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    Question Want to run BES on Exchange question


    Does my Exchange server have to be in the same local area network (canada) or can it be located at another location in the US?
    We are running Exchange 2000 w/SP4 here in our LAN. However, I also want to know if we don't have an Exchange here, but at another location, will this work also. Another thing. We were told a while back, we can download and install the Enterprise server with 10 user license for free. Anymore users is not free. Is this correct
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    The Exchange server does not have to be on the same LAN, but really should be as it may not be supported by RIM otherwise. Also much bandwidth would be used due to the constant connections as well as increased delays in delivering the messages. I HIGHLY recommend having both on the same LAN as there are many issues that can go wrong.
    -Slow Email Delivery
    -Convoluted Firewall Rules
    -Excessive Bandwidth use
    -Greater chance of BES Outages

    As for licensing information, if you want a BES with 10 user licenses this is considered BPS (BlackBerry Professional Server). This is a scaled down version of BES and the MSRP for 10 users is $849 or $499 for 5 users.

    There is also a free version of BPS which includes one free CAL but expandable to thirty if you purchase for CALS's.

    If you wish to trial BES for 60 days for 20 users or less you can take advantage of the below link.

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    I agree with kieranwest, you either need them on the same network or have a good connnection between them.

    A DS1/T1 would be them minimum and that would give some delay as it fills the pipe. I would recommend more bandwidt like a DS3/T3 for the connection between offices if you go this route but, that is also dependant on the amouht of users that will be using BES as well. There are things that need to be determined before you put BES in a different office than Exchange, it can be done but, it needs to be planned out before as people expect instant emails from BES and not long delays. Also you need to make sure that the routing is not setup to go out of the office that te exchange server is in as the latency to BES, back to the Exchange network and then out to RIM.

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