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    Voice Encryption


    How can I setup and verify that calls from one of my Blackberrys to another are encrypted?

    Also, is there a way to send Encrypted PINs from users on one BES server to another while encrypted, if they are using private keys?

    I have BES 4.1, but cannot figure this out. I would like to use the data service to make encrypted calls, but would be happy to figure out any way to verify that phone calls are properly secured.


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    Re: Voice Encryption

    If you are making ordinary voice calls over a cellular network, you are relying on the security of AS/1, AS/2, or AS/3 encryption from your phone to the cellular tower. The AS family is known to have several severe cryptographic attacks, so you shouldn't consider it to be of value against motiated attackers. The BES specifies that data connections are encrypted with 3DES or AES, but the BlackBerrys function as normal cellular phones for voice calls.

    If you used a SIP client over the data connection on your BES BlackBerry, it would be encrypted to the BES, and depending on the SIP client it may be encrypted to the SIP concentrator. I have not seen any SIP for BlackBerry devices since the 7270, so this may not be incredibly useful as a direction.

    As far as I understand, there is no current boxed solution to encrypt all calls from a BlackBerry. If you wanted to pursue SIP with encryption on your BlackBerry devices, you may want to consider rolling your own solution.

    If I am misinformed, I would appreciate correction.

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