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Here is the rub Used to have T-Mobile BB's and have my own BES server ... Server Admins forum

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    Question USing BES Server Without BES plan


    Here is the rub

    Used to have T-Mobile BB's and have my own BES server (4.1.6) and all was working well.

    Left T-Mobile for orange and didn’t have BES functionality on the BB's so just using BIS now

    I still have my BES server with all current licenses and would like to use the BES over WIFI when i am at home to sync all items (cal, Email, Tasks etc) and still carry on using BIS when away from home.

    Question. When i try to Enterprise Activate the BB i get the email go into my mail box but it doesn’t get picked up by the BES and i am assuming that this is because i don’t have a BES setup with Orange?

    Can i still use the BES just to sync over WIFI when i am at home instead of using the cradle

    If so how do i go about this as can’t work it out.

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    It is not possible to use a BES over wifi, and you have to have your account provisioned for Enterprise with the carrier. This is the only way that BES packets will be directed properly.
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    Works Fine!

    I use BES over WIFI on phones with NO SERVICE AT ALL. You can only have BES OR BIS, though, not both.

    I can remove our SIM cards on activated phones, and use them through any wifi connection - If you have Server 5.0 you will have to set them up with the Web Desktop Manager as I am not sure about redirection of the activation messages. You just hook up with a usb cable.

    If you do not have the web desktop manager, you might want to get it, or simply plug directly into the server on pre 5.0 installations, and activate that way. I kinda like the version 4 Manger software, it is a shame it is gone in 5.0.

    RIM redirects all emails that make it though to them to the appropriate server via your SRP, which is stored on the berry after activation. You messages get stopped by your carrier if you have no BES, but Wireless bypasses the carrier - that, of course, is the whole point of WIFI, otherwise you would get a usage bill from your carrier.

    I send staff to mexico, etc. with wireless phones and no cellular service, to avoid those nasty bills!

    You can also set up OTA WIFI activations, but I have never bothered, it is an option in 4.1.6 (and probably others) for wifi activations.


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