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    user lookups during activation process


    I Just built a new BES and joined it with our 4 other servers all running BES 4.0.6 on a Groupwise platform (GW client: 6.5.6 11/2006) and a seperate SQL 2000 DB.

    My question is this:

    When using BlackBerry Manager to activate a user on the new server I go to add a user and the search will only do lookups by last names, first name (i.e. Brown, Joe). All of the other servers are setup (prior to my arrival) to find user’s by 1st name last name (i.e. Joe Brown).

    This might not be a big deal, but if I leave it like this any new user added to the new server will show up as last name, 1st name. With all of the other users on the other servers setup as 1st name last name there will be a mix when looking at all of the users across all of the servers at once.

    Any thoughts on how to change this setting so the look ups create the user as Joe Brown? additional information can be provided if need.
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