Hello, (I guess I lost my other post, so i'll try again)

We have a BES Express for MS Exchange and i'm looking to get it up to date as best as i can.

The Blackberry Manager about shows:

The Add/Remove Support shows
Blackberry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange shows
Version 4.1.6 (Bundle 30)

From this, how do I tell what Maintenance Release I have? If i'm not mistaken I have the latest Express version with latest Service pack, so I just have to get it to the latest Maintenance Release, correct?

And once I find out, can I just upgrade to the latest Release? Or do I have to go in sequence? (ie, I find out I have Maintenance Release 1, do I have to install 2, then 3, then 4, then 5? Or can I just install 5?)

Thank you for your help.