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    Question Unlisted Message Error


    I have a BES server on Exchange 2003 with 12 users. I just added 2 CALs and 2 new users (now 14 users) running Verizon 8830s. I set up the blackberries and did an OTA activation, the activation completes successfully. The contacts appear on the mobile, the mail appears, and new mail comes into it. However, when trying to send an outbound mail, they fail 100% of the time. i get a red X, and when opening the message, Message Status is "Unlisted message error"
    Has anyone seen this before?


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    Have you checked the Send As permissions?

    Go to the AD Users & Computer.
    Right Click on the domain, go the security tab,
    select Advanced
    Add the Blackberry service account
    From the Applies Onto list, click User Objects select user objects
    Give snd as permisions
    Replicated if you have other ADs
    Data Outages
    Reinstall OS
    Desktop/Device Page

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