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Here's one for everyone to get their heads around. I am running BES Xpress (free ... Server Admins forum

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    Question Two Exchange mailboxes


    Here's one for everyone to get their heads around. I am running BES Xpress (free version) on a Win2k3 SBS (working very nicely for the most part!) with a BlackBerry 7230 handset. The handheld has both a BIS and a BES set up on it.

    I activated this handheld on the BES and then due to lack of licenses and other users having priority, I had to delete my BES account. I deleted the service BES service books at this time. A week later, my order for CALs came through, so I re-activated my BES account. Everything appears to work... However...

    In my Global messages folder, when I go to 'View Folders', there are two entries for my Exchange mailbox. One is stuck back in time from the first activation and the folder structure reflects that. The second is live, and reflects any message filing I do in Outlook. Exchange mail is coming in to the FIRST inbox and will not file to any other folder.

    I have tried deleting and resending service books but that didn't fix it. Any ideas on what will fix up this problem?

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    Re: Two Exchange mailboxes

    Security wipe the device and do another enterprise activation. This should clear it up.

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