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    Turning off "Allow duplicate names" from BES?


    We have some software in my firm which sometimes causes duplicate contacts to appear in our contact management system for users who have a BlackBerry. One of the suggestions the supplier of the software has made to fix this is to turn off "Allow duplicate names" in Options within the address book on our BlackBerrys. As we have 237 of them out there, doing them individually isn't really an option, so does anyone know if this can be done from the BES? I couldn't see any setting in the Policy options that might do this. Thanks in advance for any advice on this.

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    Ugh I just went through a similar mess, I don't envy you. We migrated from a hosted CRM to Dynamics, and with all of the account changeovers and associations (for example, the accounts were all migrated with ME as the owner by a contractor who didn't know what he was doing), so I suddenly had over 4,600 contacts. When we hired someone who actually knew what they were doing and got it right, I still had them stuck in my device and circulating until I turned off wireless rec. on the policy group I have my device in, exported everything to a CSV, did best guess merges and dupe remover in Excel, then reimported, (after deleting all contacts from my exchange folder)wiped and reinitialized my device with sync back on. I had tried "server wins", manually set the "allow duplicate names" on my device, etc. to no avail. We even purchased a third-party product to clear the dupes out which helped, but it was still very manual.

    It was horrific, because you'd have the same contact three or four times, and each with varying levels of contact information or diff. email addresses, old numbers, etc. Everyone had the problem, it drove us bonkers... the MS KB's said it was a "manual process" (We're on OL 2007) to merge/remove ideally.

    In the end we had to bring in a new application developer to map the proper GUID's and do a join... Good luck Along with having the users categorize their stuff so it could all be wiped clean. I hope someone else can give a better answer

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