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Hi everyone, I hope this is an appropriate forum to ask for advice on BES ... Server Admins forum

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    Question Should I train on BES 4.1 SP2 (for Exchange) or wait for SP5 courses?


    Hi everyone, I hope this is an appropriate forum to ask for advice on BES Admin Training.

    I've registered for BlackBerry training through RIM, but apparently the courses will cover BES 4.1 SP2, not SP5. According to RIM, "The trainer could address your questions regarding SP5, however the course would not cover it."

    The courses for which I've registered are as follows:

    1. SRV-00018-012 BB Training Open -Exchange 4.1.2 - Pt 1
    2. SRV-00018-016 BB Training Open -Exchange v4.1 - Pt 2
    3. SRV-00018-019 BB Training Open -Exchange Adv v4.1.2
    So, should I ask for a refund and wait for SP5-specific training (for which 'no dates have yet been determined') or is there really not enough of a difference between SP2 and SP5 to be concerned about from a training and administrative point of view? We have BES 4.1.2 for Exchange with 50 BBs, and none of our staff have done any training yet.

    My CIO wants to know whether she should approve the expense or decline and wait for updated training.

    Thanks in advance!

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    4.1.4 was out for some time and the courses were still for 4.1.2

    There are not too many major differences between the two.

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