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Hi all I have the following setup running since a few years BES 4.0.7 Domino ... Server Admins forum

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    Question Strange problem with BES 4.0.7


    Hi all

    I have the following setup running since a few years

    BES 4.0.7
    Domino 6.5.4SP3
    Windows 2000 SP4

    All BB services are working fine except when sending an e-mail from your BB device to an outside domain, it will then stuck on the mail queue of the BB server & will not be transfered as expected to the main Domino server.

    If you send from BB device to a internal user, the mail will be delivered.

    I ofcourse tested if we have a problem when sending external mails from Notes Clients but there was nothing with it, we can send external mails from notes to anywhere.

    Any Help ?

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    That's a mail routing issue. Check your connection docs and make sure you can route to your SMTP server.

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    Have you restarted your BB Services Client?
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    Are any of your Notes users assigned the BES as their main mail server?


    Send mail from the Notes client is always routed via the users assigned mail server so unless you have a user assigned to your BES this is not a good test. What you can do is open on the BES and copy the message to on the mail server and this will route the message. This test that there is not something funky about the message. After that is successful, then dig in the the configuration document for your BES. It may not be configured to speak to the outside world via SMTP. The default configuration is for the BES server to send mail directly, but it can be configured to route through another Domino server, or other mail gateway. If it is properly configured, then open a command line on the console of the BES and try a telnet to port 25 of either the mail gateway (non-Domino) or any endpoint (mail host) and if you can open the connection then it is not a network/firewall issue.

    Failing any of those to resolve, post back and I will see what else I can come up with.
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