Hi everybody

Before all else, I'm not a specialist in either SNMP or BES.

Nevertheless am I in charge of the BES at the moment and my working colleague has set up a SNMP observation via Nagios. I think there is even a special BES plugin for this task. Anyways, there's this one warning/critical warning that keeps coming up, telling us that "Pending Mails" was too high.

It looks like this "Pending Mails" service is referring to "Pending Data Packets" on the BES. Now, can anyone tell me what exactly "Pending Data Packets" means? At first I thought it indicated the amount of emails that need to be processed (as indicated by the Nagios Host), but the value is just too high to be true (400 E-Mails per day is just too much, even for OUR users ).

So, does anyone know about this?