Hi to all,

It's very hard to find a solution with S/MIME even if you call RIM directly.

I've this problem:

1. I've BES 4.1.6 mr3 installed
2- Exchange 2003 SP2 installed
3- S/MIME enabled and work on all Blackberry device (bold 9000).
4. S/MIME certificate is X509 RSA 1024 bit published on active directory

The problem is that:

If someone send me encrypted message with attachment from outlook client i recevie on blackberry device and i can read BODY and attachmet without any problem, but if i try to FORWARD the message in encrypted way the destination user receive the mail without the attachment. i want to clarify that if i forward this mail without encryption the user receive mail and can read attachment.

if I try to make a new encrypted mail from the devicec (NOT ONLY BOLD) and I want to be ATTACH for example a picture and send encrypted I do not have the send "filed" but only saves in draft. I want to clarify that i send this mail without encryption i do not have any problem.
All advice are really appreciate.