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    Lightbulb Review: 4.5 BlackBerry on a 4.1.5 BES


    Forgive me if this has been covered before, but I am happy that my 8320 with beta 4.5 finally has an Exchange BES running 4.1.5.

    When I first got my hands on the 4.5 beta (for the t-mo 8320), I thought,, nicer browser, much nicer fonts, improved email and calendar look, still can't get YouTube to work (yes I am using right APN)...but after awhile, I kinda what?

    After updating the BES to 4.1.5, I can say...THAT's what!

    The Good:

    Documents to go...I can get any word or powerpoint doc as email attachment and download it to the SD card and can view or edit and send it...all from my BES mail. the bad thing is it only works with email attachments. If I click on a word or ppt on a web page, I don't have the option to download, only view (old school view, not Docs to Go) Also, when can we get Excel spreadsheets? And what about PDFs...c'mon...Docs 2 Go had PDFs for Palm, years ago...feh. There is a lot of room for this feature to grow and mature.

    Free/Busy works...kinda cool, but not much too it.

    Remote email have to know the email you're looking for (or you get a lot of results), but yes know you can search for an email in Outlook that is not on your BlackBerry and find it and then read it AND choose to add it back onto your BB. It's kinda slow and clunky...and you should really be able to search by date...but it works. This has a lot of potential!

    Forced Calendar Sync is an option in the BlackBerry Manager now...RIM told me to only use that if I have a user that has an issue....I really haven't had too many users complain about calendar problems.

    The Bad:

    Yes...there are NO HTML emails, yet...rumors say SP6...RIM, told me BES 5.0...time (and WES) will tell.

    Still can't get YouTube to work yes I am using I am sure that has nothing to do with 4.1.5 and more to do with my beta of 4.5...but I was hoping....
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    Great to know! Thanks KeNNethX!
    it's always greener with the other carrier...

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