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Hello Had this problem last weekend, the server that hosts BES 4.0 went down for ... Server Admins forum

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    Restoring BES 4.0 on domino experience



    Had this problem last weekend, the server that hosts BES 4.0 went down for a reboot and never came back.

    The configuration was as follows
    1- Win 2000 server SP3
    2- Domino 6.5 FP4
    3- BES 4.0
    4- Mysql

    First thing I tried was to repair windows as it was showing a blue screen but this didn't work as the same blue screen kept on showing when booting from the windows CD.

    I called our BES vendor and asked for their help in installation an restore.
    They told me that the only thing they need for BES to be restored was the database ( BESMgmt.ldf & BESMgmt.mdf )

    I had another unused server with windows 2003 server SP1 and I decided to move to it, then I installed domino 6.5.
    Then the support guy installed BES 4.0 and restored the database from a previous backup, and when we opened BB Manager we found the users right there.

    We then waited for the service to work but it didn't.

    After more than 12 hours during which the support guy had tried different work arounds including installing BES 4.1 instead, then we found an entry in the domino log in which it says

    Can't find Blackberryprofiles.nsf

    then we found this

    Can't open state database for user XXXXXXXXX

    The support guy didn't know what are these ( he's MS exchange oriented ) and I decided to look into my last backup.

    I found a folder names BES under the domino data directory, in which there was a database named Blackberryprofiles.nsf and another subfolder named State that contained a domino database for each user on the BES server.

    I copied them into our new installation and the rebooted....then everything worked fine.

    In short, here's what you need to restore your BES over domino:

    1- Backup from BESMgmt.ldf & BESMgmt.mdf (x:/programe files/MSSQL/Data).
    2- Backup from domino data directory including the folder named BES ( x:/Lotus/Domino/Data ).
    3- Install windows, domino, BES.
    4- Restore your backup to the same paths as the your old setup exactly.

    Hope this helps.

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    Great write up thanks!
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