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Is there anyway to remove my PIN from a BES i just recieved a replacement ... Server Admins forum

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    Remove my PIN from BES


    Is there anyway to remove my PIN from a BES i just recieved a replacement BB and i believe my PIN is attached to a BES as I am getting somebody elses email . . . any help???

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    Re: Remove my PIN from BES

    You or your BES admin will need to activate your new blackberry on the BES.
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    Re: Remove my PIN from BES

    Hi, just a clarification. Did you get your replacement from a warranty repair? Do you want to attach it to your own BES or a BIS service? I've had a similar thing happen before whereby we received a replacement BB from a warranty repair and tried to register it to a client on BIS, but were getting the error that it had already been registered. I guess it is because they use reconditioned units. Bit scary to think that your warranty-replacement BB may have been somewhere else for God knows how long and obviously had a fault itself in the past and been returned. You would also think that if they sent out replacement units they would at least deactivate them in some way. In our case we had to call the carrier and log a job for it to be deactivated with the previous owner. I think when activated on BIS the PIN is tied to the email address. not sure if this is the case in BES, usually we just do what jrockett said - we just activate it with the new BES service and it seems to work itself out.

    hope this helps.

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