At times due to certain corruptions a BlackBerry user is faced with multiple contact lists or calendars that do not synchronize with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Research in motion has come up with a tool that assists in removal of the erring entries.

To download the tool developed by RIM for all BES versions please go to download this tool on the BES server.

Deployment Instructions for the BES

The use of the tool requires a custom IT policy setting. Complete the following instructions to add the custom IT policy:

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1

1. In BlackBerry Manager, create a new IT policy.
2. Scroll to the bottom, select User Defined Items, and browse IT Policy Template.
3. Select New to create a new item. Select IT Policy Template Item.
4. Edit the name to be exactly ADDRESSBOOK_MERGE_TOOL_ALLOWED_EXEC for address book, and CALENDAR_MERGE_TOOL_ALLOWED_EXEC for calendar.
5. Ensure Type is set to Boolean.
6. Save this policy and apply to the affected user.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0

1. Go to Create an IT policy rule.
2. Name the rule ADDRESSBOOK_MERGE_TOOL_ALLOWED_EXEC for a contact list or CALENDAR_MERGE_TOOL_ALLOWED_EXEC for calendar.
3. Add a description where needed, and ensure that Type is Boolean and Destination isHandheld.
4. Save this rule.
5. Create a new IT policy, or edit an existing one.
7. Save the IT policy and assign it to the affected user.

Installation instructions for the Device

1. Disable Content Protection

2. Download the Tool to be installed on the Phone

3. Install the application

BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrators can also push the tool from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server in a software configuration.

When the tool has completed running, it flags itself for deletion the next time that the BlackBerry® smartphone is restarted.