Hi Guys, Hope you can help me with this one...

I look after 20 BlackBerry's on a BES Environment that range from the Pearl to the Bold but am having a problem trying to get the software loaded back on after I nuke them.

I recently attended a course and was told to Nuke the handsets and reload the software before you hand them out to your clients. I have BlackBerry Manager installed on my machine so I don't have to login directly into the server to manage the users and it's easier to manage thet handsets, and I have tried to run the Application Loader after installing the correct handset software packages but it does not show up in the application loader screen, it only shows a time updater.

The version of the BES is the latest and so is the versions of the software for each of the handsets.
The only way I can get it done at the moment is to run the Handset Software Package installation and then remove it again after the software has been loaded on the blackberry.

I hope this makes sense please let me know if you need more info and sorry it is so long.

Also, I was wanting to know if anyone can point me to a site or something that will have a description on how an email gets delivered to a blackberry. I need to know what services, server's etc... as I'm writing a manual for my work

Again, any help is most appreciated.