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    Re-Authorizing Bluetooth Policy AFTER leaving BES


    I'm in a pickle!
    I was on a BES with my Exchange Server host for 5 days... just long enough to learn that they implement BES 4.0 and no customization to the IT Policies. My bluetooth wireless keyboard (Shasta) is unusable because I can't edit keystroke injection. It's been discussed ad nauseum.

    However, when my host refused to cooperate with RIM's assistance in walking them through making the change, I removed myself from their BES service. Back to BIS through T-Mobile's standard data plan. BUT, the bluetooth policy is still locked out.

    RIM tells me only the original BES admin, or another BES admin, can make the change. They refuse to make changes at all.

    What's a guy to do?

    Option 1) Join another third-party Exchange and BES host like Lin2Exchange or ExchangeMyMail, set up an email account and BES service, have policy opened up, then cancel service? Drag for them, pain for me and costly.

    Option 2) some sort of self-hosting of BES trial version? As an end user without a server, seems unlikely.

    Option 3) ?

    Any advice?

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    You need to find a default policy.bin file and place it in the proper directory on your C: drive, then sync with Desktop Manager. The only other solution is to get your BES admin to push you the Default policy, which it seems like you may not be able to get them to do. Here are google search results for "blackberry policy.bin"

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