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This is really strange and I've never seen it before, hopefully someone else has... We ... Server Admins forum

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    Random sent items showing on device when they shouldn't


    This is really strange and I've never seen it before, hopefully someone else has...

    We are running BES 4.1.4 / MR4 (Rollup) Bundle 134. Server is Exchange 2007 SP1 with all current updates installed.

    I have a president with a Verizon 8130 running BB software, which is the latest that I'm aware of. He has Outlook 2007 (running in Cached Mode) on his laptop against the Exchange server. He does not use BlackBerry Desktop, it's not even installed on the machine.

    He has the "hide Sent Items" option set to YES in his Messaging options.

    Occasionally, he will send a message from his desktop to various people, and this message will show up in the Inbox/Messages of his BB. He claims that it goes into Sent Items on his desktop, but it shows up on the BB as a message FROM him, as though he sent it to himself. If he deletes it on the BB, it gets removed from his Sent Items and put into the Deleted Items on Outlook.

    What's really strange is that it only happens occasionally, it's not at all consistent. I have a hunch that he is doing something to cause it, perhaps BCCing himself or something, and that the messages really are coming to his Inbox rather than going to Sent Items, but I have no way to prove this since he won't give up the BB for more than a few minutes and sits there yelling at me that "the problem isn't on the phone, it's on the server, go fix it."

    I've never had this happen with my 8830 and my boss (IT Director) hasn't had it on his 8130 either.

    I'm at a loss to troubleshoot this. What should I be looking for? Are there tools to help me figure out why a message was synced to a handheld?

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    just ask
    If it was my users phone I would try to remove the CMIME from the service book option and resend the service book to see if this will resolve issue. You may have a corrupt file in there that may be causing the issue. Don't hold me for it but this has helped me quite a few times when I am having some issues with users email settings.

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    Oh he's lying...and accidentally cc or bcc himself on it... But he's the boss so he is always right!

    ~via BB (

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