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    Question Pushing 2 accounts to 1 blackberry


    Need some insight on how a BES works in a MS Exchange world...

    Here's my issue- I have a corporate email account on my company's exchange server, and a guy who works for me has an exchange account as well. The only difference is he is on the BES so he can get his exchange mail sent to his blackberry, whereas my exchange email is pushed to my win mobile device via activesync.

    We are getting another mailbox (I'll call it work requests) that we both need to monitor for incoming work requests. I was somehow under the impression that if all three mailboxes were on the BES (mine, his, and the work request mailbox) he would be able to manage both mailboxes (his and the new one) seperately on his device. I, on the other hand, would need to continue to use activesync for my personal email, and then create a rule in exchange/outlook to fwd any mail from the work request mailbox to my personal email (since I cannot sync 2 mailboxes on 1 winmobile device).

    What I'm trying to do is state a case for me to get away from using a Winmobile device and back to using a blackberry, and yet be able to have mail pushed out from 2 seperate accounts from the BES to my one device. I want to keep the mailboxes seperate so I'm not too fond of the rule idea.

    Is this possible? Better yet can someone please clarify how BES works in an Exchange environment because I don't think I quite understand.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Sorry a BES account can only be connected to one exchange mailbox, and to one BlackBerry device at a time. On Exchange you could create a new mailbox, and then in delivery options have mail sent to that mailbox automatically forward to yours and his mailboxes. Obviously the issue is how will either of you know who is going to take care of the request?

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