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Hello. I’m so NOT a BES “Admin” or “Professional” but I thought that this might ... Server Admins forum

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    Pros / Cons of Google Enterprise Server vs. Hosted MS Exchange?



    I’m so NOT a BES “Admin” or “Professional” but I thought that this might be the most appropriate forum, please.

    We’re a small 2-person business.
    Currently we have 2 email accounts with a Hosted Exchange provider (Exchange My Mail (EMM)).
    Each user accesses their email on a notebook (Win XP Pro) using OL 2003 and/or 2007.
    Each user also has an ATT Blackberry (8310).
    Each BB is configured with BES.
    We couldn't be any happier with the service from EMM, but we’re looking to reduce our monthly “IT Costs”.

    For the past several weeks I’ve been agonizing over whether (or not) it would make sense to start using the Goggle Enterprise Server (EMM offers this service and the savings would be considerable).
    I understand that I would need to obtain a Google “premier” account for each email user.
    I’ve read that I should be able to configure OL to read our Gmail (but I haven’t tried to set that up yet)

    In terms of the functionality that we need, please:
    1) Both users want to continue using OL 2003 (or OL 2007) on their notebook PCs
    2) Both users want to continue using OL rules to manage their email on their notebooks
    3) Both users want to continue using the OL file folder structure to “sort and store” their email messages
    4) Neither user needs OL tasks or notes to show-up on their BB
    5) Both users are “okay” that there will only be a one-way sync TO their BB for their calendar
    6) We absolutely want to view our email on the BB's using the native email client
    7) We absolutely want to view our calendars on the BB using the native calendar

    Given all of the above, please, is there any reason that we SHOULDN'T move from EMM MS Exchange to EMM Google Server?
    The cost savings is a big pull for us right now, but I’m also HUGELY reluctant to take this on if it’s going to be a set-up nightmare for me.

    Many thanks!

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    A Google Premier account should do everything you need. You will use the Google Sync for Outlook tool to sync Gmail to Outlook. To use the BlackBerry native mail client you will need to set up your gmail account with BIS (you don't need a BES plan anymore, so you can save some additional money there), for the contacts and calendar you will just use the Google Sync for BlackBerry.

    One thing though, you cannot use the gmail plugin for BlackBerry's with a Premier Google Apps account as those have the e-mail going through Postini for Spam and Anti-Virus and the plugin doesn't recognize that as a google account, yet.

    The migration through google goes via imap I think and if it is the same tool as for the Exchange migration then it is very easy, but I think you have to copy the contacts and calendar yourself (import and export in outlook takes care of that).

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    Many thanks bswt2. This helps in explaining several of the things that were a lot less than clear. Thanks again!

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    bswt2 gave you the best answer. I am a business owner (IT consulting firm) and we use google apps for all of our email and calendar scheduling, but still use office for word and excel You can use either a standard or premier account, there is very little difference between them, but mailbox size is the biggest difference. When it comes down to cost, you can't beat it. since you are only 2 people you may be able to get by with a standard account, which is free. Every employee has a domain email account, as well as a blackberry. There are no sync issues with calendar or email. Things move effortlessly. good luck.
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