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Hi all, I've just had to replace a broken Blackberry. It all went well, I ... Server Admins forum

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    Profile backup


    Hi all,

    I've just had to replace a broken Blackberry. It all went well, I just had to set an activation password on the current user profile, then go through the enterprise activation on the devise and that was it.

    Now, I've done this many times before, but what i've noticed is all the user settings for the handheld are kept (font size, ringing profiles ect.) which is great!

    But where, on the BES, is the file that holds all the user info as I need to back this up as it's not something that i'd like to lose.

    Thanks all...

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    Re: Profile backup

    Thats a good question! I dont know where the backup file is located on your BES server. What we did at our company was did a server backup so we dont ever have to worry about it. Also if you hook it uo to the DM (if they let you) you can create your own back up

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    Re: Profile backup

    I have been told by TSupport that this information is actually attached to the mailbox store. For example, if you delete a user from BES, it will ask you if you want to remove the associated files and settings for that user. If you hit YES and readd the user, it will be just as it was the first time you activated. If you hit NO and readd the user, all of the settings will come back when you reactivate. This also means any emails that were pushed to the device will not be pushed to the device again upon reactivation.

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    Re: Profile backup

    Alot of the settings are stored in the sql server that would be setup before installing the BES.

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