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Hey, wondering if anoyone here can help me. I have a hosted exchange account with ... Server Admins forum

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    Problem with Mailstreet


    Hey, wondering if anoyone here can help me.

    I have a hosted exchange account with mailstreet and use their blackberry service. I have been having a problem where emails and changes to calendars/tasks/contacts are taking forever to appear on my blackberry.

    On the other hand, when I make a change on the blackberry itself, the change is alsmost immediate on my exchange account. For a very brief moment in time, when I was on the phone with their support techs, everything seemed to be working, then 10 mins later the same thing. Sometimes email don't even reach me.

    I created a task on the exchange server over 30mins ago, still it hasn't shown up. Can anyone offer any help or explanations? I'm on Orange France and email sent to my BIS account pops up immediately so I don't think it can be their service.

    I have recently installed the Bhati software on my 8700f. Could that be causing the problems? I though about going back to the original software from Orange but unfortunately I can't seem to find it anywhere to download!!!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, D

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    Re: Problem with Mailstreet

    I could be their servers are delaying the sync. Do you know of any other Mailstreet customers?

    If you do get fed up and want to switch check these guys out:

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    Re: Problem with Mailstreet

    Another great company to use for hosted exchange is
    This company has AWESOME customer service. David can and will help you at nearly any time of day or week. I had to discontinue service as I'm just a single user, and didnt think I needed that much technology. LOL. The wireless sync is awesome though!

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    Re: Problem with Mailstreet

    Another vote here for DAVE at exchangemymail. He was helping me at 9:30 c.s.t the other night. These guys are awesome and provide great service.

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    Re: Problem with Mailstreet

    another vote for

    i went with them based on the reviews that i found on a few forums.

    dave was quick to reply to my questions, even during after hours.

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