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One of the directors in my firm is using 8700. I just configured his device ... Server Admins forum

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    Problem with 8700


    One of the directors in my firm is using 8700. I just configured his device onto the bes server via exchange server. The email system is working fine. He immediately receives emails and everything. The problem is when he reads it onto his device he has to click on "reconcile now" to show it as unread on outlook. I have the same settings on my pearl but on that I do not have to click on "reconcile now". How can i solve that?

    Also the calendar isn't being wirelessly configured. Any help on that as well?

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    Mqasim, How long is he waiting to see if the emails shows up as unread on Outlook? It usually doesn't happen right away and sometimes will take a while before it reconciles.

    For the Calendar, open up the calendar function on the 8700, select options and check to make sure Wireless Synchronization is set to "Yes".

    Let us know if this helps.

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    ~via BB ( the solution for calendar above is exactally correct. For the inbox problem go to the inbox - options - email reconsiliation - and make sure wireless reconsiliation is on.

    Sure-typos. Sorry.

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