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Policy.bin at works and removes the IT policy on the Blackberry. But every now ... Server Admins forum

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    Question Policy.bin file problem!


    Policy.bin at works and removes the IT policy on the Blackberry. But every now and then using 3rd party apps we have encountered "Error message: "The application has attempted to open a connection to a location inside the firewall and outside the firewall which is not allowed by your IT Policy."

    This error is not caused by a firewall issue, but by the IT Policy on the blackberry, in our case it's the settings from the "policy.bin" file. Particular setting is Allow Split Pipe Connections. This IT Policy setting prevents applications from switching between TCP/IP and MDS connections. People have reported that they were able to edit the policy.bin file and the error message went away. So far i have not found a way to either edit the policy.bin file or to find the policy.bin with split pipe setting off.

    If anyone knows a real solution to this then please help.

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    Re: Policy.bin file problem!

    I had the same problem for months, but then i found the following post from a godsend. KUDOS TO r1ch007.

    Originally Posted by r1ch007
    Ok People I have a solution.
    1. Download the policy file from the link above. This will remove the locked keypad password on your device, so you don't have to input a password everytime you want to unlock your device keypad.

    2. After speaking with a member from another BB related site this is what he had to say:

    "A software tool (called ITpolicy.exe) will create a policy from the human-readable file ( I got the tool by downloading it from RIM directly at the following link:

    It is part of the server. Download the package and you will find these files (ITPolicy.exe, etc) in one of the directory. You will use this to edit the to your liking and then generate a policy.bin file.

    Then you will load it onto your BB by following the instructions that come in a pdf file (it_policy.pdf) that's also present in the package you have downloaded."

    3. Inside the policy the 'split pipe allowed' is set to false. You need to change this to 'True'. Just shift through all the text in the policy and look for:

    ; Policies that control the behaviour of third party applications on Java-based handhelds. ;

    AllowThirdPartyUseSerialPort {policy} = true
    AllowExternalConnections {policy} = true
    AllowInternalConnections {policy} = true
    AllowSplitPipeConnections {policy} = false (YOU MUST change this to true)
    DisallowThirdPartyAppDownloads {policy} = false

    4. Once you have edited and saved the policy make sure you hit 'generate' from the tool bar menu. NOTE: Make sure you pay attention to where it will place this "policy.bin" file and be sure to put it into your Desktop Manager folder where it will OVERWRITE whatever policy.bin you previously had.

    5. Open DM, connect your BB sit back and let device manager do its thing.

    If any mods out there stumble upon this thread, I highly recommend putting this in the sticky, as I encountered many people suffering from this experience in my research.


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