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Using 8100 (perl) with BES and exchange hosted by another provider and I unfortunatly get ... Server Admins forum

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    overwhelmed with spam


    Using 8100 (perl) with BES and exchange hosted by another provider and I unfortunatly get 200+ spam a day and have gotten things to work with server side junk and a desktop app that files away the problematic email. The problem is b/c they hit the inbox they show up on the blackberry and don't go away when they have been moved to the junk folders.

    I thought that reconcile would fix this b/c these messages are no longer in the exchange inbox, but for some reason they remain in the blackberry inbox and I'm at a loss. chookagian provided a Workaround here - / 2984-junk_email_question.html

    If you are lucky enough to have a good Exchange Server Admin, or if you have access to the Exchange Server, you can download and install the following:
    Service Pack 2 for Exchange Server 2003
    Exchange Intelligent Message Filter Overview

    but i'm not lucky enough to have either of the above two and can't find any other workarounds or folder based filtering anywhere. Any ideas would be appreciated..

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    Re: overwhelmed with spam

    What have you tried so far with Filters and Folder Redirection?

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    Re: overwhelmed with spam

    the only solution that works 100% is

    You have your mx records point to their servers and they filter out 100% of your spam, they then forward the message to your mail server. You can lockdown your mail server to only receive email from their servers. Thus eliminating 100% of spam.

    I currently have about 40 clients on this and they want to kiss me for it. Check out their page to see who else uses their service... It is very affordable and goes by a price per mailbox per month.

    1. No need to touch anything on the server or environment.
    2. Web access to add allow and deny lists... and all settings.
    3. Eliminate 98% of overhead on your exchange servers.

    Take a look at #3.... imagine your servers not recieving those spam messages... how much faster and more effecient it will be.

    I am not a spokesman for them, I am customer.

    Best solution far and wide.

    Btw... my company recieves 1.2 million spam messages a month and about 20,000 that are legit. SSH has daily and hour statistics to show you what is getting blocked and what rules are violated.

    you have questions let me know. It is pretty straight forward.

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    Re: overwhelmed with spam

    Finnadat: Send me your email address and I will add you to several mailing lists that address the problem with spam.... and offer you some fantastic prices on some great products.... ;-)
    Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand. -Homer

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    Re: overwhelmed with spam

    Unfortunately, your question seems more appropriate for a Spamming solution rather than a BES issue. The BES will send all mail that hits the "Inbox", regardless of what happens next, all messages to the primary inbox will be redirected to the BES and Handheld. For Spam, I have used the following and all will do the job at different price points:

    1. Trend Micro eManager (Software for the exchange server)
    2. MessageLabs Set it and forget it... redirection of MX records to a third party provider. Cost about 3$ per user per month. Pricey but phenomenal. Just got out of an engaement with 5000 users and spam went away almost completely 99.99%.
    3. Barracuda Spam Filter (hardware appliance). Better than exchange software, not as good as hosted solution). Mid-Expensive but you are dependant on a hardware component to fight spam. Pluses and minuses with a hardware applicance. Some folks like it, some don't like the single point of hardware failure concept with the appliance approach.

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    Re: overwhelmed with spam

    thanks everybody for the quick and helpfull responses - and evilhomer my email address and bank account info is: and 8675309 - i'm looking forward to your deposit of $20mil..

    we use a hosted exchange envoirnment with 123together which works rather well except for this spam issue. The most successful thing I've done has been to use the mailfrontier (no longer in existance, but still works rather well) desktop option. The problem is that when we crank up the spam settings, the execs lose one email and we have to tone it down and have spam again.

    I just got my 8100 a couple of weeks ago and like it, but thought it would serve as another inbox and when something was moved in my inbox it would do the same on the handheld, but it doesn't. I would love to have BES be an active mirror of what is in my exchange inbox, but with most spam rules being after it passes thru BES I guess I'm kinda screwed..

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