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    Question One user, Two Blackberries


    Besides "you can't" ... how can one do this?

    The longer version - a have a couple traveling VIPs that take a t-mobile phone with them when they go out of the country. Due to coverage in the office/home they use either verizon or nextel when they're local.

    We swap them back and forth endlessly and, especially lately, it seems every swap has some kind of issue - dupes, won't activate, partial activation, account corruption, etc. - and I'm desperate for an easier way.

    I know BES is supposed to prevent you from having one user with redirection to two devices - but is there any way around it? We've currently got two BES servers running (which is probably part of the less-than-perfect OTA activation) and buying software or even hardware isn't an issue. The catch is it has to be able to sync all of the outlook bits (email, calendar, tasks, etc.) and send email as coming from the same account.

    So...any ideas? Forwarding emails in exchange to another dummy account won't cut it...and i'm going to pull my hair out next time 3 execs are leaving in 2 hours for a week somewhere warm.

    I'm going to go back to staring at the enterprise activation screen that's been stuck on 91% (FOR A NEW USER...GAH) for the past hour.

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    Re: One user, Two Blackberries

    orkust, Welcome to PinStack.

    I'm not that up to speed on BES, but I truly think that this isn't going to be easy. Are you saying the Swap Device capabilities on Desktop Manager doesn't work correctly when the Device is connected to DM on a computer that is connected to the BES?

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with this problem or your BB.

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    Re: One user, Two Blackberries

    I am not the BES Admin for our company, but I can give you the basics of how we do it.

    We have two production 4.0 servers that share the same SQL backend. (BES02 and BES03) 1500+ users split between both servers.

    We have a 4.1 test server (BES01), using MSDE for the backend.. We use this server, when our Executives travel.

    We are able to provision the GSM blackberry on BES01. Meanwhile, there production Blackberry remains active and continues to maintain update email and calendar while the Executive is traveling.

    When they return, they simply turn in the GSM Blackberry, and they are good to go with there Production (Verizon) Blackberry.

    Has worked out very well for the last 2 years.

    If both servers were sharing the same SQL backend, then you would be unable to provision 2 devices for the same person.

    Hope this is helpful. Good Luck...

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