With the new version of their mobile business solution, the Cortado Corporate Server 3.6, ThinPrint enables access to the company network and mobile output of documents. The Corporate Server 3.6, the core of "Cortado. A Division of ThinPrint" the new division for mobile business solutions, offers much more than just a facelift of the old Content Beamer.

>>Cortado for BlackBerry
>>Cortado Corporate Server for BlackBerry

Several details have been reworked to improve user-friendliness, administration, and the return on investment. In addition to a new name, the software also has a new interface in the "Cortado Style". The Cortado Explorer for the management of directory access, users, rights, and features can now be operated simply and centrally with convenient management software. The Push Print function can also be operated instantly from this central location. This function, a favorite primarily in the logistics sector, which starts document printing as soon as a new e-mail with an attachment arrives, has been further developed so that the devices can be set up centrally via policies. The user must simply retrieve the paper from the mobile printer.

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