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Research In Motion - announced that it would offer a new BlackBerry Enterprise Server that ... Server Admins forum

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    New BES Service Pack Links Mac and Treo Devices


    Research In Motion - announced that it would offer a new BlackBerry Enterprise Server that will synchronize the new iPhone and Treo devices. Startling news coming from all over the industry "I can't believe they actually pulled this off! This is great! - Bill Eastman from CO. Some BES Administrators may feel this is strange. One such Admin would only repeat a single phrase over and over again while huddled in the corner of his cubicle. "I feel a great disturbance in the Force." --Adam Westbury from Fl.

    All preexisting BlackBerry devices will automatically have the iPhone theme applied except the 87xx series which will have a Treo theme installed. The new iBerries show up as 9111 on the Handheld Configuration Tool. This is a forced updated that will install at 3:00 A.M. EST time for BES 4.0+.

    *New iBerry

    *Devices reportedly certified for the new BES update.

    Some BES Administrators might be worried about another layer of support, however, with the market dominance of the iPhone and Treo over the BlackBerries, this will surely put more money into the pockets of Executives.

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