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Is there anyway to use Blackberrys with Active sync? Here is why I ask. We ... Server Admins forum

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    Is there anyway to use Blackberrys with Active sync?

    Here is why I ask.

    We are looking into buying Blackberrys for work. We currently use Palm treo's. They are looking into using activesync for our next set of phones. We currently have Microsoft exchange.
    Is the only way to use blackberrys and get our corporate email is to purchase a blackberry server and use BES?
    If so, what kind of initial start up cost are we talking about?

    Thanks for you help!

    Please Help!!!!
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    For a BES pro server it is less than 100 per user up to 30 users.

    After that you must spend about 2800 for the next 5 (35 total).

    Also BES users create extra abuse on exchange equal to 3.6 constantly connected users. Active sync uses .75 additional. Please calculate your current IOPS and see if your server can handle the extra load.

    If using active sync, just get windows mobile phones.
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