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My BIS email messages and instant message conversations (BB messenger messages) show up in BES ... Server Admins forum

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    My BIS messages show up in BES email


    My BIS email messages and instant message conversations (BB messenger messages) show up in BES work email (messages icon on my Blackberry) until I select for just work enterprise email (desktop). Does this mean the BES-admin can read anything in BES work enterprise email (Messsages) before I manually separate them? Once I delete the BBM messenger conversation from instant messages it disappears there and in Messages. Does this temporary appearance of the conversation in BES desktop messages allow the conversation to be able to be read while it is there? Can it be saved or logged prior to deletion?

    (I have since changed my settings so instant message conversations do not automatically show up in Messages by default.)

    thanks! I appreciate any advice/suggestions you may have

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    I think I understand what you are explaining... so, let me try with this response (the last sentence of the post is the most important). There is an icon on BlackBerries that has the ability to group most msgs that the device can receive, and display each in a date received list form after that icon is selected. That doesnt mean that they get grouped/combined and pushed back to your BES though, its just a convenient way for you to see most of the messages that the device is receiving in case you didnt want to check multiple icons. (Please realize that when I write 'most of the messages' that there are some messaging programs that you can run on a BlackBerry that wont integrate with the native function of that main message icon, and those messages will only be accessible from its specific program.)

    For example, I have a few email addresses, SMS, and BBM that I've setup to show up in the main message icon... but the emails from each account remain only on their individual servers, the BBM msgs stay within the BBM program, and the SMS messages remain within their SMS application (even though they can be seen from that main icon...its sort of like an automatic search function on a computer... when you open the main msg icon it automatically produces all items that would match a search of "incoming communications" if there were such a thing). You should note that if you access the email address from a computer that is setup for the BES, you should see that your BIS email and BBM messages aren't there, and vice versa.

    So, to answer the question you specifically asked... the admin cannot read your BIS or BBM messages through your BES mail account.

    HOWEVER, the fact that you are on a BES probably means that your device is subject to an IT Policy (BB lingo for 'electronic rules'), or other tracking that may make it possible for the company to see what you are doing on the device including seeing any and all of everything done on the device, but the messages are not pushed back to your BES email account.
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