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    Question MP3 player


    [FONT=Helv]Now that we have some Blackberry Pearl users on our BES our head of dept has requested that I lock the devices down with an IT policy on the BES. I've managed to import the policies ( found on ) and have disabled the camera. Do you know of any way via policies ( or a patch or hack) to lock down the media player application?

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    Re: MP3 player

    Good question. Moving to the BES forum for better thread exposure.

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    Re: MP3 player

    Hello Hammerhead, welcome to pinstack.

    I shot the question to a friend of mine and Im hoping he can answer that for you. I would believe that is quite possible, seems reasonable enough.

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    Re: MP3 player

    In the IT Policy go to the "Desktop Policy Group" and set "Disable Media Manager" to TRUE. This will prevent users from easily transferring MP3's to their device via the Media Manager in Desktop Manager 4.2 or higher.

    You can also set the IT Policy item "Disable External Memory" to TRUE (Disables MicroSD Card). Or you can set the "External File System Encryption Level" item to level 6, this will encrypt the MicroSD file system to a user-provided password and the BlackBerry device key; including multi-media directories. Hence making it a pain to play media files.
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    Re: MP3 player

    Quote Originally Posted by Hammerhead
    [FONT=Helv]...I've managed to import the policies ( found on )[/FONT]
    That's interesting. We are just pushing out our first 5 Pearls - to be controled via BES - and already users are messing with the phones, chaning settings, changing themes etc etc - and it is a little difficult for us to troubleshoot. Do Blackberry release 'default' policies that have most of the common polocies set up already we can import into BES.

    I'd like to be able to lock the Pearls down quite strongly at first, until we get used to them and more comfortable with them.

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