We are working to integrate a remote child domain in Atlanta using a BES (4.1SP2) with approx 190 users to our child domain in Charlotte using a new BES (4.1SP4).

We are using a phased approach by moving the mailboxes of Atlanta users to Charlotte first. After that I'm running the handheld cleanup tool and reloading the users so that the Atlanta BESAdmin account is still able to manage the mail flow from the Charlotte mailboxes to the Atlanta handhelds. That has tested fine w/ very little to no latency.

I was told by one RIM tech that best thing to do would be to add the BES in Atlanta to the BB Manager in Charlotte and then perform a 'Move User' operation from the BB Manager that would then push a new service book to the Atlanta devices and prevent them from having to be reactivated. That's exactly what I want.

On a second call to RIM, I was told that the tool often corrupts the data and the 'Move User' wouldn't be the way to go.

So now turning to the experts HERE!!!

We don't want to maintain the config database in Atlanta and just simply move them that way. Would like them to all be on the new BES here in Charlotte with a new config database, but without impacting the users by having to do a reactivation. If anyone has suggestions, please feel free to reply. Thanks for your time in advance!