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I plan to upgrade and move a BES Server on Exchange . Here is the ... Server Admins forum

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    Question moving and upgrading replacing BES 4.0 (not common upgrade)


    I plan to upgrade and move a BES Server on Exchange . Here is the scenario:

    BES Server with 19 users v4.0.5.6 on windows 2003 SP1 called “A” who use a SQL Database on a “B” server running windows 2003 SP1.

    Server “A” is an old slow computer and need a new life as an boat anchor, so it will be retired.

    Server “A” runs exchange 6.5 sp2 and will not be needed after upgrade

    A new server called “C” is ready to receive the new BES server 4.1 freshly downloaded. The machine is running Windows 2003 R2 SP1 and Exchange 6.5 SP2 and we will continue to use the database on the “B” server

    I’ve read over FAQ and other docs on the Tsupport web site but I don’t find this upgrade scenario

    Can you tell me witch step I need to do this ?

    From what I have understand It probably sound like this :

    -Upgrade the “A” server to the 4.1 version

    -Installing BES 4.1 to the “C” server

    -Move user from “A” server to the C using the console on “A”

    -Shutdown service on A server


    I know I can’t connect TWO SRP in same time so I guess I will have to do something to ensure that


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